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Speech/Language Resources

What I do:

  • Small and large group support to students in the Center Based program
  • Individual, small group and classroom instruction to students with resource level  Learning Support needs
  • Consultation to general education teachers as well as families
  • Social Skills Lunch group (all students are welcome!)
  • Participate in special education initial and three year eligibility assessments


Resources for teachers:

This page describes the roles and responsibilities of a school-based SLP.  I welcome opportunities to troubleshoot supports for your students in general and special education!

Explore the toolbox for strategies to reach a variety of students and support their learning needs.

Look at the What Works Clearinghouse where you can scroll through a variety of topics and search for evidence based interventions.

Here is a link to learn about curriculum based measurement including reading and writing probes.  If you like what you've learned, click here for more ideas. 

Puzzled about Autism Spectrum Disorders? Follow this link  to learn about supports for students with ASD.

Literacy Related Links:

This site will enrich your classroom and the literacy experiences for your students. 

Need some ideas on what words to tackle in your classes? A link to the 100 key words for high schoolers is just a click away!

An interesting paper on best practice strategies to encourage vocabulary development. 

Here is a link to policy and best practice ideas in literacy for adolescents.

Another great resource:  LAB

More ideas on instructional practices for vocabulary and concept knowledge.


More writing ideas:

This  link  explains how strategies in writing can help support students' reading skills.  Look here for more ideas on supporting high schoolers and their writing skills.  

Mindwing Concepts has a manipulative and written graphic organizers to support writing skills.  Look here for more information about "story grammar markers."  We love them at school! 

See me if you'd like to learn more about Brain Frames!  They are great supports for the organization of written language.

 Here is a link to policy and best practice ideas in literacy for adolescents.

Go here to learn about word retrieval difficulties and what SLPs try to do about it



Resources for families:

Ideas you can use at home to help with motivation are here

Organization 101?  Look here for more ideas. 

Go to the Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association to learn about how to support your child with language-based literacy needs. 


A resource for audiobooks!

A short article on motivation and ways to motivate an adolescent is right here


Ideas to support your child with ADHD and learning disabilities

Go here for information on how we can support  the understanding of narrative and expository text at home and school

Just Read Now! Strategies for families. 

QAR...a funny acronym for a snappy idea!
This link does a nice job explaining how to build deeper comprehension of narrative texts through self-reflection while reading.  Consider modeling this at home while reading as a family.

Figurative Language:  Spicing it up with idioms, similes and metaphors!
Pepper your language with figurative language as this will help your adolescent build more abstract language skills, a hallmark of the advanced language stage.  Use of figurative language in meaningful contexts will help your child "own" those figures of speech; awareness and practice will help him build reading comprehension or help her for needed "tang" while writing.  Talk about figurative language examples while reading with your child and remember to sprinkle them meaningfully in your speech.

A fun site to build your child's understanding of idioms is right here

And here is another great site.

Look here for information on supports for students with ADD.

Learn more about best practice for students with ADHD

Look here for information on learning disabilities.

Learn about Social Thinking for people with Autism right here.

Curious about how assistive technology could help your student?  Look at this link. Other great resources include this one regarding funding.




Other neat resources:

Students!  Go here to learn vocabulary and help stomp out world hunger at the same time!

Trying to figure out your learning style?  Look here.

Enter this place to discover your career interests.

Consider building your own Personal Learning Plan right here.





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